ASB Showgrounds is New Zealand's Premier Events and Exhibition Centre

Thank you for your interest in ASB Showgrounds.

The facilities at the ASB Showgrounds are designed to give you room to create your event. While the venue may start as a mere shell, with an experienced team it will quickly and effectively transform perfectly to your specifications.

There is no better location to host an exhibition or event in New Zealand. We’re:

  • In Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city
  • Close to the CBD
  • Opposite the really attractive and magnificent Cornwall Park
  • Just off the main aterial motorway with massive on-site parking
  • Experienced, having hosted Auckland events for over 160 years

We are dedicated to making your event a success. That means one-to-one personalised service, you’ll only have to liaise with the bare minimum of staff. It means giving you the full benefit of our vast experience in event management and resources. It means being flexible, even if we have to bend over backwards to meet a particular need.

Integrity is important to us. We mean what we say, and we say what we mean. It saves time, and builds trust. Many of our clients become repeat customers because of our service, positive attitude and values. We’d be happy to share their details with you so that you can hear it from them first hand.

Come and see why ASB Showgrounds is New Zealand’s Premier Events and Exhibition Centre.

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