31st October - 4th November -  2017


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New Zealands pre-eminent Horror Festival is brought to you by Hell Pizza
This festival is a celebration of all things horror

This is an R18 Event you must bring your ID

Comprising of a purpose built horror maze with multiple rooms and corridors to get lost in whilst being terrorised by some of New Zealand’s best scare actors.

 Tuesday 31st October  A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984)  Horror Classics
 Wednesday 1st November  HAPPY DEATH DAY (2017)  Masks
 Thursday 2nd November  JIGSAW (2017)  More for Gore
 Friday 3rd November  ANNABELLE: CREATION (2017)  Childhood Fears
 Saturday 4th November  IT (2017)  Clowns

Make sure you pick the correct one.

A DRIVE IN movie featuring a classic and different Horror Film every night.

The theme of the maze will match the movie. The maze will be open from 6:00pm each night until 8:00pm – allow 20-30 minutes to complete the maze before the movie starts about 8:30pm.

  • Clowns
  • Masks
  • Gore
  • Childhood Fears
  • Horror Classics

PIZZA lots of Pizza.

RULES and WARNINGS before purchasing. 

  1. You should not enter the attraction if you suffer from asthma, heart conditions, prone to seizures, physical aliments, respiratory or any other type of medical problem, or are pregnant or suffer any form of mental disease including Claustrophobia.
  2. You will experience intense audio, lighting, low visibility, strobe lights, fog damp, wet and smelly conditions, special effects, sudden actions.
  3. Do not enter the attraction if you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs of any type. You will not be aloud to enter the maze if any of these conditions are noticed by our staff.
  4. You must be 18 or over and have ID.
  6. No food or drink in the Maze at any time.
  7. As this is an R18 Maze the actors could at times touch you above the shoulders and below the knees. Expect people to grab your ankles.
  8. You can be held and placed into a cell for an indefinite period of time.
  9. You will totally have to crawl in certain places.
  10. Follow the instructions of all staff including actors.
  11. No running is allowed.
  12. Keep up a good pace, you do not want to slow the whole maze down.
  13. No smoking or open flame are allowed.
  14. No sharp objects in the Maze.
  15. We are not responsible for any lost objects (if you lose things go to information desk).
  16. No flash lights, laser lights or any form of illumination.
  17. No you can not video this event.
  18. Leave your phones in your pockets.

You will be able to purchase PIZZA from Hell Pizza at the festival which you can pick up immediately or you can get it delivered to your car by zombie at a desired time.

Each ticket is for 1 vehicle and two participants.
You can add extra people to your ticket to a maximum of four people per vehicle.
No walk-ups, admission is by vehicle only.
Times are approximate and subject to change.
FM car radio required so you can tune into the broadcast of the movie once onsite.
Strictly R18 Only.
No Door Sales.

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