13th June - 15th June -  2018


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The NZ Sign and Display Association has been playing a pivotal role in the sign industry within New Zealand for over fifty years and initiatives such as the NZ Sign Expo are just one of the many pro-active ways that the Association has engaged with the wider sign industry within New Zealand.

The Sign Expo was only launched six years ago in Auckland and was an unqualified success – it has since been labelled New Zealand’s biggest graphics, sign & display, large format print and allied industries Expo. In 2018 we bring back the Expo to Auckland where once again it will become the success it was born to be and with combining Conference and Expo together lifts this event to the next level making it even more purposeful and interactive.

Our theme “Good to Great” clearly defines where we have come from and where we are heading. Only 50 years ago a few humble sign makers came together to share their passion and drive. Their vision and purpose was to successfully endorse quality of workmanship in the sign making industry. We still strive to continue to build on this everyday by encouraging and supporting our three key values; Quality, Service and Integrity and through practicing these values, trust is earned, knowledge is shared and our experts become greater mentors for the industry, leading us from Good to Great!

This EXPO is a perfect opportunity to network, share knowledge and obtain the best services and products for your business all in one venue, at one time. Get inspired by the innovation, learn from the knowledge shared and move you and your business from Good to Great for 2018.

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