New Zealand is a culturally vibrant nation of 4 million people. “Kiwis” (New Zealanders) balance their relaxed way of life with their penchant for hard work and integration with global markets.

Kiwis have a natural curiosity, which makes them a good market for exhibitions, as they have a genuine interest in what the world has to offer. And a New Zealand show venue like ASB Showgrounds is a hard act to follow.

Heading overseas for a big ‘OE’ (Overseas Experience) is part of the culture. That interest transfers to international exhibitions that pass through the country, many of them held at our stunning NZ exhibition centre.

Kiwis are sharp, modern and ‘switched on.’ They take a professional, detailed approach and are excellent producers. A highly competitive environment is fostered due to the small marketplace, ensuring a superb level of service.

If you’re looking for a New Zealand events centre or show venue to host your coming attraction, contact us now.

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